Cultural bridge through the centuries

Priority axis: Tourism

Specific objective

Enhancing the tourism potential of the region through cooperation initiatives in better preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage


Crafts from Republic of North Macedonia

Venco Arsov

Venco Arsov from Shtip is carving icons on glass, he has learned this hobby by watching videos on YouTube. Contact 077/667-226

Venko Sinadinov

Venko Sinadinov from Vinica, is making handmade wooden souvenirs, swivel wooden boards, household utensils and for restaurants (holders for vinegar, oil, salt and pepper), all

Ljubinka Mehandziska

Ljubinka Mehandziska from the village of Rusinovo, Berovo region, has been working since 2001 and makes knitted products and products woven on a loom from

Crafts from Bulgaria

Dzeni Draskova

Dženi Draskova from Belica is engaged in handmade aprons and socks, and also grows beans.

Lchezar Zotev

Lchezar Zotev is engaged in collecting mountain herbs, dried mushrooms – boletus in the vicinity of Belica, Republic of Bulgaria, produces forest fruit jam and

Ahmed Grozyaov

Ahmed Grozyaov is a local collector of forest fruits, herbs and mushrooms in the vicinity of Belica in the Republic of Bulgaria, and also produces

Kostadin Kuklev

The production of Kostadin Kuklev from Belica includes homemade jam, pine honey, knitted vests, etc. Contact 00899010033

Lead Partner

Community center “Georgi Todorov 1885” Belitsa, Republic of Bulgaria

Project Partner

Centre for development of the East planning region, Republic of Macedonia