About the Project

Priority axis: Tourism​

Specific objective

Enhancing the tourism potential of the region through cooperation initiatives in better preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage

The main activities that this project incorporates are:

1.Two promotional Opening Press-conferences.

2.Training for tourist guides. Improvement of the quality of tourist services.

3.Capacity building-trainings in Cultural Events Management and Cultural Heritage Management.

4.Discussion forum-utilization of religion and archaeological cultural heritage for development of cultural tourism.

5.Conservation and restoration works ISAR-Shtip, improvement of the quality of tourist-related infrastructure.

6.Rehabilitation of Community Centre in Belitsa, inner repairing works-flooring, water supply and sewage, heating, electricity systems, etc. and equipping.

7.Development of Web platform for archaeological and cultural tourism, utilization of the cultural heritage, especially archaeological and religious heritage for tourism development and to foster the use of the virtual reality and virtual promotion of cultural heritage.

8.3D video mapping and promotional video, digital technology.

9.Workshops-Tourism Destination Management. Topics include land use planning, business permits and zoning controls, environmental and other regulations, business association initiatives, and other techniques to shape the development and daily operation of tourism-related activities.

10.Fair of tourism in Belitsa-presentation of the East region’s culture, history and tradition. Presentation of tourism related natural and cultural heritage sites and services, local products exhibited and specific traditions and customs shown.

11.Travelling presentation of Belitsa and Fair of tourism in Shtip-Municipality of Belitsa culture, history and tradition, promotion of cultural and natural heritage through photos, videos, promotional materials and examples of local handicraft products and souvenirs.

12. Supply of innovative equipment for popularization of cultural heritage in Belitsa, one information electronic board (info kiosk) that will contain all information for cultural-historical heritage of the Municipality.

13.Promotion of rehabilitated facility, 3D video mapping promotional show and project closing event in Shtip, will be organized on open air near the rehabilitated church “Sveti Vlasie” on the archaeological site ISAR.

14. Promotion of rehabilitated facility and video and project closing event in Belitsa, presentation of the achieved result.

Duration (in months)


Total budget (in €)


Project Results

The following results will be attained through the project implementation:

– improved quality of tourist services through education of tourist guides

– increased knowledge in cultural heritage management and developed tourist offer

– developed web platform for archaeological and cultural tourism

– restored archaeological site to enrich the cultural heritage offer

– modernized and equipped community center

– familiarization of the wider population and stakeholders with both regions’ cultural and traditional heritage.

Target Groups

The project will positively affect the following target groups:

– Stakeholders in culture and tourism sector-creation and promotion of culture tourism offer;

– visitors of the cultural events and tourists-Enriching the tourist offer by presenting the cultural traditions of both partners;

– public administrations-increasing the capacities related with tourism;

– local population-increased local income and improved environment for new jobs in culture and tourism sector;

– public and cultural institutions-Positive effects upon the profitability of the cultural infrastructures.

Lead Partner

Community center “Georgi Todorov 1885” Belitsa, Republic of Bulgaria

Project Partner

Centre for development of the East planning region, Republic of Macedonia