Crafts from Bulgaria

Vera Andreeva

Vera Andreeva is engaged in making handmade souvenirs and magnets from which all products are handmade using natural materials. Contact 00886638803

Gergina Madoleva

Gergina Madoleeva makes plaster figures (bears) from which all figures are handmade and painted separately. Contact 00894647313

Dzemile Dzembazska

Dzemile Dzembazha has been producing tarana for more than 30 years. It produces tarana in quantities of 100 to 200 kilograms per season. Contact 00893045023

Fatme Gagam

Fatme Gagam produces handmade loom products. Contact 0893357253

Dzemile Mehmed

Dzemile Mehmed collects berries, mushrooms and yellow and red St. John’s wort tea, which he then processes and makes into forest berry jam, dried mushrooms

Fatime Kjelova

Fatime Kjelova makes jam from berries (raspberries, blueberries) and pine honey.

Dzeni Draskova

Dženi Draskova from Belica is engaged in handmade aprons and socks, and also grows beans.

Lchezar Zotev

Lchezar Zotev is engaged in collecting mountain herbs, dried mushrooms – boletus in the vicinity of Belica, Republic of Bulgaria, produces forest fruit jam and

Ahmed Grozyaov

Ahmed Grozyaov is a local collector of forest fruits, herbs and mushrooms in the vicinity of Belica in the Republic of Bulgaria, and also produces

Kostadin Kuklev

The production of Kostadin Kuklev from Belica includes homemade jam, pine honey, knitted vests, etc. Contact 00899010033