Crafts from Republic of North Macedonia

Cvetanka Belichki -Simple Du

Simple Du is a new brand, established in 2021 by Cvetanka Belichki from Shtip. Every craft signed under this name is handmade. The beginnings of

Ivana Veselinovska

Ivana Veselinovska comes from Zrnovci. She produces handicrafts. The production includes several types of handicrafts, as follows: – baskets made of material – linen with

Branka Spasovska

Branka Spasovska comes from Probistip. She makes products with machine embroidery reproductions of Picasso in the form of paintings, hand-embroidered Easter bags, Easter decorations and

Daniela Kacarska – Krsteva

Daniela Kacarska – Krsteva from Pehchevo produces soaps made from natural fats and oils (coconut, almond, castor, olive oil, animal fat) with the addition of

Venco Arsov

Venco Arsov from Shtip is carving icons on glass, he has learned this hobby by watching videos on YouTube. Contact 077/667-226

Venko Sinadinov

Venko Sinadinov from Vinica, is making handmade wooden souvenirs, swivel wooden boards, household utensils and for restaurants (holders for vinegar, oil, salt and pepper), all

Ljubinka Mehandziska

Ljubinka Mehandziska from the village of Rusinovo, Berovo region, has been working since 2001 and makes knitted products and products woven on a loom from