Final press conference in Shtip for the project “Cultural bridge through the centuries”

The Centre for development of the East planning region on 27.08.2021 near the restored church “St. Vlasie” in the municipality of Shtip held the final press conference of the project “Cultural bridge through the centuries”.
The final press conference was attended by representatives of the two project teams, representatives of the municipality of Shtip and the public enterprises, media, representatives of the project team and citizens from Belitsa, representatives of other cultural and educational institutions from the country.
The final press conference presented the implemented project activities, as well as the results of the conducted trainings and workshops, work activities in the two cross-border regions – the reconstruction of the Community Centre “Georgi Todorov 1885” in Belitsa and the conserved and restored church “St. Vlasie” in Shtip. Both videos produced within the project were presented at the final event.
The project “Cultural bridge through the centuries” is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Local Self-Government within the INTERREG IPA CBC Program Republic of Bulgaria – Republic of North Macedonia, was realized in a period of 24 months with a total budget of around 400,000 euros.